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As an entrepreneur, or in a company with an inter-disciplinary team, your IP Goals & Objectives vary by role and title.  Then, take advantage of IP-IQ Boostcamp’s “inventor  point of view” and readily learn and apply our 30 years of experience acquiring utility patents. Use the video course & workbooks  to improve the quality, accelerate acquisition, & optimize your critical path IP tasking.

Read more below and identify with the role and goals each of the IP team members have. The course offered here is a hard hitting 1 1/2 hr on-line workshop for all team members, but especially the key people in the IP hunt. The workshop demystifies the secrets behind the IP wall of complexity and simplifies your approach to preparing and filing quality utility patents at warp speed.  It’s a quick, sure-fire way to get everyone on the team on the same page about priorities and spend considerations. The title slide below provides you with a glimpse into the workshop which is accompanied by the only workbook and templates of it’s kind, teaching the Schwartz Method of utility patent preparation and filing.20170130TitleSlide512x382

Roles and Goals of members of the IP team (note: you may wear more than one of these hats, especially if you are a start-up):

ip_olympiccircles_8x8v2Getting into the IP-Zone is all about understanding the different goals each party to the IP process holds dear. Whether you are a DIY player wearing multiple hats, or part of an interdisciplinary team, take this course to demystify the secrets of acquiring the highest quality IP portfolio . . .

  • Get your team IP savvy, based on their role and purpose
  • Find out how to prepare utility compliant invention disclosures
  • File quality utility patent applications in the shortest time
  • Get to final examination and allowance at lowest cost
  • Secure patents that reduce the risk of downstream litigation
  • Understand white spaces and market opportunities

If you are an individual IP Attorney or part of an IP Law Firm, you will have different objectives for using IP-IQ Boostcamp. Consider becoming an AFFILIATE/PARTNER.

Take Advantage of  IP-IQ Boostcamp different ways:

1.   Purchase and register the on-line streaming course as an individual and get the video program and workbook. If you are a DIY type, the 1_1/2 hr workshop may be sufficient for improving your IP outcomes. The Q/A portion of the streaming workshop is provided in the lessons learned segment at the end of the program.

Purchase/Register the on-line, streaming video workshop.

2.  Have the rest of your team take the same course. Let everyone register and take the course at their own pace. Use the program to establish new, shared goals and objectives for IP workflows and for accelerating utility patent filing. Simply purchase and register each attendee for their own on-line course.

Purchase/Register the on-line, streaming video workshop.


Best-in-class companies use IP to differentiate  from their competition. Utilize  IP processes to produce sustainable competitive advantage.  

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